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Deena Lynch is one of the most impressive artists we have discovered lately. As Jaguar Jonze, the multi-talented Australian makes stirring electro-pop, creates brightly coloured illustrations on the subject of mental health as Spectator Jonze and devotes herself to photography as Dusty Jonze. In “Durchgehört” she had already told us all the exciting background information about her current EP “Diamonds & Liquid Gold”. We took the chance to ask Jaguar Jonze 5 additional questions inspired by her song titles.

Where was the best sunrise you’ve ever seen? And why was it so special?

The best sunrise I’ve ever seen was underwater in the Great Barrier Reef when I was scuba diving. When I submerged into the water, it was quite dark still and I slowly explored the wonderful underworld of the ocean. I then came across a sleeping sea turtle and just stared at it for a good 10 mins while the sunrise started drawing back the curtains to the darkness in the ocean. Once it was bright enough, the turtle opened it’s eyes slowly, without even a bother that I was there, and it felt like he was saying – “Good morning, I slept so well. You?” Hahaha. 

How do you think does the world down the rabbit hole look like?

In my rabbit hole it’s a small room with yellow walls and with a few doors that lead to other small rooms of yellow walls that also have doors. No windows. 

What do you associate with Beijing?

Peking duck. One of my favourite dishes haha.

Is there any kind/nice gesture or thing that makes you wanna kill that person (or punch him/her)?

When people do something EXTREMELY THOUGHTFUL and SURPRISING, I might be so overwhelmed and happy and excited that I’ll throw my arms around everywhere like an overcooked spaghetti which MIGHT accidentally hit them? Hahahhaha. Otherwise, I really hope there isn’t a kind/nice gesture that makes me want to kill/punch a person.

If we assume that diamonds are not a girl’s best friends, what is?

When people can take accountability. That’s sexy. 

When was the last time you felt left behind? And why?

Right now. I’m in Day 34 of isolation with COVID-19 and I have no idea what the outside world looks like. I hear stories of people lining up for grocery shopping and fighting over toilet paper, but alas, I only hear of these tales from the outside world. 

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